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Whether you are looking to sell or not, Amplify EyeCare can empower Optometrists at every stage in their career.

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Maximum medical & specialty care?

Optometrists can change countless lives with technology such as OCT, AdaptDX & Diopsys, and services such as Vision Therapy, Neuro-Optometry. Myopia Management, Scleral Lenses, and Low Vision.

Amplify EyeCare is revolutionizing eyecare by purchasing practices and developing a nationwide network of medical & specialty eyecare practices, amplified with investments in training, management, marketing, & technology.

Why we do this?

You’ve dedicated your life to being an Optometrist and helping people. Our goal at Amplify EyeCare is to ensure you stay true to your calling and empower you to make an impact on specialty & medical care.

What’s the challenge?

As an independent Optometrist, you face serious challenges that prevent you from achieving the maximum level of specialty & medical care for your community. You’re torn between being a doctor and a manager.

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