About Us

We are at the forefront of helping Optometrists make a major impact on public health.

Amplify EyeCare was founded by a unique group of visionaries from different parts of the world. Eyecare is our mutual passion. We combine experience in marketing eyecare and specialty groups, managing specialty practices, functioning as specialty clinician & practice owner, and creating low vision and vision therapy technologies. 


  • Successfully leading growth initiatives for eyecare marketing company with 1,800+ general & specialty optometric practices in the US and Canada
  • Operating an independent commercial lens lab
  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies for major optometric specialty groups in Vision Therapy, Low Vision, Myopia Management, Scleral Lenses, and AMD
  • Contributing to the invention of multiple patient applications and innovative low vision technologies¬†
  • Creating a revolutionary virtual reality system for effective Vision Therapy¬†
  • Managing and expanding a multi-location, multiple-specialty practice
  • Establishing training programs for optometry students, Air Force Optometrists, Specialty Doctors, and general independent practices
  • Overhauling and leading the Vision Therapy directory site www.optometrists.org
  • And more

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