Meet AmpUP

A virtual platform for practice management and doctor amplification.

Who we are, What we do, Why we’re here

Amplify Eyecare is a company created by visionaries, who long ago set their sites on helping the world of eyecare. By combining their passions for health, technology, and marketing, they created a unique way to help doctors see opportunities for progress that lay ahead.

It’s About the Doctors

How can you be a top notch eye doctor, run a business, learn the latest medical advances, participate in case reviews with your peers, reduce stress, and get paid for doing it all? We can answer that in two, simple words: AmpUP.

It’s About the Staff

When your practice is the kind of place people want to work, you know you’re doing something right!  And you can make that happen by creating a space where every member of your team can grow- professionally, personally, and financially. Satisfied staff are the best kind of staff.

Connecting to a Bigger Vision

We focus on services over products, development over takeovers, people-centered care over financial bottom lines.  As a member of Amplify Eyecare you will learn how to innovate, cooperate, and collaborate in ways that let you focus on your clinical care. And when you do that, you provide valuable care that’s there for the long haul, care your patients want and deserve.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Our team has worked with hundreds of Optometry practices managing their growth virtually. Our goal is to help eye doctors and their staff create meaningful connections within their offices, across practices, and beyond. We build office cultures that value the people who work and seek services within them.  Amplify Eyecare works with doctors and staff so that they become even better at what they do. AmplifyUP is our platform designed to facilitate this vision.

Not yet. We currently acquire and manage for the long-term, eye doctors across the United States. If there’s a need and demand for Amplify to spread its wings though, we’ll be there!

We provide bonuses tied to participation. Our doctors participate in 45 minutes a day of training, mentoring and other learning and teaching opportunities. Why? Because doing so helps you become better at your craft while teaching other doctors how to do the same. It’s the ultimate win-win!

We work with doctors in all stages of their medical careers, so “retiring soon” is not a prerequisite for joining. So long as a doctor wants to continue working in their community and serving the people who have come to know and trust them, we are happy to help them Amplify their impact.

AmpUP Vision

“AmpUP will serve a transformational conduit of what once was highly fragmented clinical expertise. Experienced clinicians will interact and train, daily, other doctors, something they have had precious time to do in the past. Being able to enhance others’ knowledge as well as delve into the specialty care that patients need is the ultimate win-win for our doctors, their staff, and their patients. We want to reignite the passion and excitement they felt when they became an eye doctor .” 

Avner Engel, CEO Amplify Eyecare

Amplify Eyecare

More than just a way to reduce the burdens of management, we help you grow your practice, invest in the technology your patients need, and cultivate an enviable work environment.

We envision making your vision a reality.