Benefits to the Doctor

Helping Optometrists make a major impact on public health.

You’ve dedicated your life to being an optometrist and helping people. Now you find yourself tied up in trying to run a business and that’s a full-time job in itself.

Amplify Eyecare Gives you the Following Benefits

  • Make the most impact as a doctor and increase personal job satisfaction
  • Make a better salary with lucrative bonuses
  • Reduction in management roles & reduced stress 
  • Allow for specialty eyecare to become a standard of care and best serve your community
  • A stable working environment with a long-term partner while also making sure your retirement is secure 

Through investment in technology, training, and intensive marketing, we can empower our doctors to provide amplified patient care.

With Amplify Eyecare’s business management platform, you can finally build the professional reputation you deserve. We support your business operations and ensure a smooth transition. You can fulfill your life’s purpose with more interesting and meaningful patient care. At the same time you will also have more time and reduced stress.

Our goal is to ensure that Optometrists like you, stay true to their calling. Amplify Eyecare guarantees a meaningful career, a great salary, lucrative incentives, and a smooth transition to a secure retirement when the time comes. Plus, we will take care of your staff, and most importantly, your patients – they will receive the best care possible.

How can you provide your patients with the best possible care and enhanced clinical expertise, when you are constantly dealing with bills, insurances, accounting, purchasing, marketing and so on? There’s just not enough time!

Amplify Eyecare takes the burdens off your back and removes many stresses associated with running a practice. The group takes care of most administrative issues and these will no longer be your personal worry.

At the same time, you receive advanced training to become and remain the best in your field. Amplify Eyecare brings industry leading medical and specialty marketing strategies that will ensure maximum medical and specialty impact.

Most importantly, we at Amplify Eyecare share your goals as a doctor: to improve the lives of patients.

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