Frequently Asked Questions

What practices are the right fit?

Any general and specialty care practice across the US that wants to provide enhanced medical and specialty eyecare is a good fit. If you are passionate about making an impact on patients’ lives, we would love to chat and share our vision of how you can amplify your impact. Even if you are not considering selling your practice, please explore the site for more information on how Amplify Eyecare’s model can be a benefit for Optometrists at any stage of practice ownership.

Is Amplify Eyecare Private Equity?

No, private equity follows a very specific model that is aggressively focused on cost reduction and selling quickly. Because of their focus, private equity has ignored specialties such as Vision Therapy, in favor of selling more glasses.

Amplify Eyecare was founded by a passionate team of industry insiders with a mission of amplifying the impact of medical and specialty eyecare. Unlike private equity, we have found a unique financial partner, The Herszberg Family Fund, a family fund that is focused on the long term growth of the brand & the opportunities of advanced medical & specialty eyecare.

What will Amplify Eyecare’s involvement look like?

We will be hands-on from day one with HR, marketing, training, technology, ordering & vendor relations, insurance, billing, leases,  IT, patient experience & recall, and much more. 

Our practice management portal will allow you and your staff to seamlessly and successfully work with our team.

How much do you pay for salaries?

Salaries are based on the median salary for your area and experience. In addition to your base salary, we pay a lucrative bonus that is tied to baseline revenue, daily participation through our practice portal, and specialty care revenue. Speak to us about what your specific salary expectations would be.

Is this only for retiring doctors?

No. We are looking to work with doctors of all ages and stages in their careers as long as they want to provide the best care for their community. Should a doctor be nearing retirement, we would create a plan to stay on with us for a few years while training an associate to take over.

How is Amplify EyeCare different from other groups buying practices and making similar promises? 

You are talking about private equity groups in optometry. These are owned by larger private equity groups that operate according to a model focused on cost cutting and reselling within a few years. It’s a pure business initiative. These larger private equity firms are operating in many different industries such as pet food, hotels, and seafood. Improving patient care is not necessarily an objective, specialty care is not even a thought.  

Amplify Eyecare was founded by industry operators who have secured a funding relationship with a unique activist investor, The Herszberg Family Fund. Our financial backers understand that optometry and medical growth is a long-term, high-potential investment with low risk. Our investors are committed to the vision of building a nationwide chain of advanced medical, general, and specialty practices.

Our long term commitment is what uniquely enables us to invest heavily in long-term practice growth rather than a shortsighted emphasis on cost-cutting.

Our team of innovative industry operators with vast experience, is dedicated to clinical care, not just business.

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