Our Solution

Helping Optometrists make a major impact on public health.

Our Solution Is Your Solution

Amplify EyeCare is your solution to overcoming many of the obstacles for medical & specialty care impact.

By joining Amplify EyeCare you take back the control over the care you provide to your patients. Our solution lets you dedicate your professional life to doing what you set out to do: helping patients through excellent medical and specialty eyecare. 

Our Mission is 

  • To purchase practices and build a brand of medical & specialty practices that provide top-level eyecare with first-class technology
  • Expanded reach of specialty eyecare to your community and beyond
  • To make Low Vision care & Vision Therapy mainstream
  • To empower you as an Optometrist through training, support, and patient growth

We will achieve this by:

  • Reducing the burden of management for each Optometrist
  • Working out a unique growth plan, customized to the specific needs and conditions of each clinic for a long-term relationship
  • Driving specialty and medical patient growth through aggressive marketing and referrals
  • Guaranteeing doctor’s financial security benefits

Building a brand of practices

Amplified For Maximum Patient Care

Join The Eyecare Revolution