The investment in Amplify EyeCare appears similar to a traditional ‘roll-up merger’; however, AEC intends to achieve aggressive revenue growth through the development and delivery of high-end specialty medical eye care services, which will require an investment in that growth. This strategy enables AEC to differentiate their roll-out concept from investors such as private equity firms, which conventionally tend to rapidly package businesses, aggressively cut costs and target revenue growth through high volume/low margin services.

There Are 23,000

Independent Optometry Practices in the United States

By focusing on helping Eye Doctors do more advanced medicine, Amplify EyeCare presents older and younger Doctors alike a more attractive option than Private Equity. Our advantage in deal flow opportunities, positions us to be able to scale to 100+ locations over the next 2 years, the equivelant size and strategy of Pacific Smiles.

How We Save

  • Professionalize Operations & Increase Efficiencies
  • Reduce Cost Of Goods
  • Reduce Doctor’s Time Of Management
  • Increase Retention
  • Centralize Ordering & Vendor Payments
  • Centralize Labor (Accounting, Legal, HR, Marketing)

How We Grow

  • Plug & Play Marketing Strategies
  • Increase Patient Recall
  • Add Technology for High Revenue Medical Services
  • Build Referral Network
  • Train Doctors and Staff

“My 27 years of experience with SpecSavers in the UK and Australia. have presented opportunities to recognize the potential for medical eye doctors to be able to provide the latest technology while benefiting from consistent diagnosis. I am tremendously excited to join a group of like minded clinicians and leaders. The team at Amplify EyeCare have impressed me greatly with their determination to ensure that there will be no barriers to the clinical excellence needed to improve the sight and lives of our patients and their families.”

Dr. Howard Singer


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