The Challenge

Helping Optometrists make a major impact on public health.

Your Challenges

As an independent Optometrist, you face serious structural obstacles in achieving the maximum level of specialty & medical care for your community.

  • Splitting time between being a doctor, a business manager, a marketer, etc.
  • Conflicting interests: business needs and medical care
  • Limitations to your budget for investment in advanced technology
  • Competing with low-cost, high-convenience alternatives to your service
  • Providing extra value to your patients and retain them in an increasingly competitive market
  • Meeting both suppliers/insurers demands and patients needsĀ 

Optometrists care deeply about reaching the patients that need advanced medical and specialty eyecare. However, they struggle to create and implement effective initiatives to reach those patients.  

Why is it a struggle?

As a doctor, you focus your expertise on clinical aspects. You are left with little time and resources for business-driving activities. Sooner or later, this leads to poor management, non-existing marketing, lack of new patients, inadequate budget for new technology, and eventually, the inability to provide quality care.

Some practices opt to specialize in a particular niche of optometry. On the downside, this means risking the loss of general care patients. It also requires intensive dedicated marketing and substantial investment in equipment and training, to ensure success.

The result is the reality that most patients in your community will not receive the life-changing medical and specialty eyecare that you can provide them.

Our solution moves those obstacles out of your way and lets you provide the best possible medical and special medical care for your patients.

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