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We are a revolutionary network of amplified medical & specialty practices

Optometrists have the potential to make a major impact on the lives of their patients and community through advanced care such as Vision Therapy and Myopia Management. The challenge is reaching and educating their community so that their care reaches the patients who need it the most. Amplify EyeCare is enabling you as an Optometrist to make the most impact by purchasing practices as part of a nationwide network of medical & specialty eyecare practices, amplified with aggressive investments in training, management, marketing, & technology.

We Made This Free Campaign Because We Are Passionate About Specialty EyeCare

Our Mission

  • To purchase practices and build a brand of medical and specialty practices that provide top-level eyecare with first-class technology
  • Expanded reach of specialty eyecare to your community and beyond
  • To make low vision & vision therapy mainstream
  • To empower you as an Optometrists through training, support, and patient growth

Our Solution

  • Building a long-term partnership with amazing Optometrists that share our passion for medical and specialty care
  • Reducing the burden of management for each Optometrist
  • Driving specialty and medical patient growth through aggressive marketing, referrals, training, and investments in technology
  • Guaranteeing doctor’s financial security & the best care for their patients

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Our Strategy For Specialty Care

  • Full-time call center for both general and specialty calls as well as follow up, patient recall, and after hours.
  • Industry leading referral team & strategy, with significant resources dedicated to your specialty growth
  • Comprehensive paid ad campaigns across Google, print, and other digital media
  • Creation and management of innovative co-management programs and referral initiatives
  • Industry PR to change the mentality of general care practices & the public
  • Digital marketing at a level that is unparalleled in the industry
  • Implementation of bold test strategies with the goal of group-wide implementation, if proven successful. Example: renting office space at an MD, testing the impact of a four-month advertising blitz for one practice with a $250,000 ad budget, creation of a virtual reality experience for the family members to experience low vision and understand the options (with units given to retinal centers)

Amplify Your Patient Care

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